Logic and G-Eazy Concert

On June 28, 2016, I attended the Logic and G-Eazy concert at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas, Texas. I was accompanied by a few of my closest friends, and it was amazing.

I have been a long time Logic fan since his mixtape Young Sinatra: Undeniable, where he showed some amazing talent through songs like “Numbers”, “Spotlight”, “Do Ya Like” and “Used to Hate It”. This concert, on June 28, 2016, was the first opportunity I had to actually see him live, and it was everything I could have hoped for… For lawn seats anyways.

He performed some of his more famous tracks, a mix of some of his newest material off of “The Incredible True Story”, as well as a few shortened versions of his older records from his mixtapes. The most powerful record he performed had to be “Under Pressure” since that is one of the few songs that he has that almost everyone knows. Logic fan or not, everyone got into it!

As for G-Eazy, I was thoroughly impressed by his stage presence throughout the duration of the show. I really enjoy G-Eazy’s music, but nine times out of ten I would rather listen to Logic. However, after this concert, I find myself enjoying his music even more. While I still prefer Logic’s style and lyrics, there’s something undeniably catchy and confident about G’s flows.

If you like either of these artists, go see them live! While the lawn tickets to see both of them added up to be around $35-$40 after service fees, the price to see them separately and get pit tickets will be around the same price, probably sitting at around $40. I wish I could have gotten pit tickets to see these guys, but I don’t exactly have $100+ to drop on a single night. And I NEEDED that Logic Endless Summer Tour T-shirt ($30).

Overall I really enjoyed this concert, and if you don’t listen to Logic or G-Eazy, you need to check them out. Like now.


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