“Bobby Tarantino” by Logic

So on July 1, 2016, Logic released another mixtape, supposedly to serve as a prelude to another album he plans to release later this year. While some individual tracks, such as “Slave II”, “Super Mario World”, and “Deeper Than Money” (which he actually performed live as a journal entry he rapped to the audience) succeed in delivering an original sound that is undoubtedly Logic, other tracks seem to fall flat for me in comparison.

On the mixtape, the previously released singles “Wrist” featuring Pusha T and “Flexicution” make an appearance, adding to the overall message of the project. This is undoubtedly a release for Logic’s long-term fans, as a short skit with none other than reoccurring fan-favorite Marty Randolf as he is put on hold, listening to Logic’s live legacy.

While Logic does change his sound on this particular project, he also did that with The Incredible True Story, favoring a more soft, smooth and electronic sound that strayed from the instrumental raw feeling of his prior efforts. On this mixtape, he seems to meld the two styles, producing something original, yet so familiar. While some tracks have very blatant inspiration, like “Super Mario World” taking inspiration from Kyle’s “Sex and Super Smash Bros” by sampling heavily on Mario game audio effects, Logic’s style shines through.

The project from start to finish addresses Logic’s success as of late, also including his motto of ‘Peace, Love, and Positivity’ throughout the 32 minutes of mixtape we are treated with.

All in all, this is not one of Logic’s best efforts, but it’s really not supposed to be. The mixtape serves the dual purpose of pleasing his long time fans with a surprise release, while also serving as a precursor to his next album, “AfricAryan”. There are tracks for both long-term Logic fans, as well as new fans straight off of The Incredible True Story. There is something for everyone this project, so just go download it.

Download it Here.


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