Kyle’s New Singles

With the release of two singles in the latter half of this year, it is becoming more and more apparent that Kyle’s junior effort is going to be a change of pace from the upbeat party vibes of his last album, substituting them for a more chill and fluid-like flow and progression.


With the first single released after “Smyle”, “Doubt It” seems reminiscent of a Drake record, from the flow to the beat and to the overall production of the track. The light snare coupled with the deep bass pushes the track along with a slightly lazy vibe, which complements Kyle’s flow on the track nicely.


“Blame” has an entirely different feeling to it. While it shares the production style of “Doubt It”, the message behind the song is inherently more depressing. The beginning and the end of the track also fade in and out in the style of a phone call, as the song reflects Kyle calling a girl who won’t pick up the phone.

If these two tracks are any indication of what Kyle has in store for us later this year (or early next year), it’s that his style will yet again shift slightly to a more chill sound, while also retaining that signature Kyle sound.



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