“iSpy” by Kyle


Kyle has recently released his third single, preceded by “Doubt It” and “Blame”. “iSpy” carries the same ‘Drake-ish’ vibe that his other two tracks had, but with a more upbeat and joyful tone overall. While the track’s melody becomes monotonous near the end, it’s catchy and humorous lyrics make it worthy of any hype rap playlist.

The track opens with Kyle and Lil’ Yachty having a humorous conversation about how great life is, setting the tone for the rest of the song. The lyrics themselves stray from that of “Doubt It” and “Blame”, taking on more of a carefree vibe as Kyle raps about smoking a little bit of weed and getting a cute girl.  An interesting line in the track states “this is not the album either, these are just some throwaways.” If that is true, then we are in for a fantastic junior effort from Kyle this time around.

The beat itself takes some inspiration from Drake’s happier tracks, but Kyle’s distinctive voice makes the track stand out on its own. While yet again this track distinguishes itself from his previous works, it still manages to be undeniably Kyle with his vocals and sense of humor. If you have been sleeping on this guy fro the past 4 years, I recommend you wake up and check him out soon, because he is blowing up.


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