“Invincible EP” by Big Wild

Big Wild’s new EP “Invincible” gives us some more shameless hype music to blare in our car speakers for another month or two, yet also incorporates a few interesting musical twists in a few of their tracks.

The first track, “When I Get here”, serves as a build for the rest of the album, as it starts off with slowly increasing synths and drops off into a nice and simple groove with mixed vocal beats. Like the rest of the tracks, it utilizes a heavily mixed guitar riff and powerfully simple synths with the bass and high hat to build a nice intro track for the album.

The rest of the tracks flow together nicely enough, with the second track titled “Empty Room” sounding more vintage-inspired than the intro. Yuna is featured on this track, providing some simple vocals that elegantly lead to the instrumental chorus.

The third track, “I Just Wanna”, takes some inspiration from the 80’s, giving it more of a modern club spin, adding in some really catchy xylophone melodies. This track is definitely the standout on this EP, as halfway through it completely changes with some heavy dirty synth melodies that change up the beat and keep you fully engaged.

The title track of the album slows the rhythm down a bit but still manages to keeps the same intensity that has been built throughout the track so far. While it is not near as catchy or fun as “I Just Wanna”, it is musically more diverse.

The last track of the EP, “Crickets”, appropriately sounds like a farewell song. The song is upbeat and has a hopeful vibe, but is not in your face with melodies. The track overall has a very calm feeling to it, while also being a song that you can bump to in the car.

All in all, “Invincible EP” is a new hype album with decent tracks and good production. It has some good tracks, but it is not very memorable. It also does not bring anything new to the table for its genre. Give it a listen if you like synthy-pop instrumental music.




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