“Want Me Bad” by Kyle

Kyle’s latest single, “Want Me Bad” continues the style that his latest three singles have, in that they use fewer samples and less piano than his previous music in favor of a more synth beat. While his last three tracks seemed to have value and meaning underneath their catchy beats, this track just does not hold up.

First off, the hook is repetitive and bland. The melody of the hook gets annoying fairly quickly, and the verses are not much better. The vibe of the song is pretty chill, but the song itself does not offer any substance. While “Blame” had some emotional depth to it, along with a few clever lyrics, and “iSpy” was catchy and fun, “Want me Bad” seems like the “throwaway” track that Kyle was talking about on “iSpy”. Sorry to say this, but this track is the flop of the four he has released so far. I still have faith on

I do still have faith on Kyle, he is an amazing artist and I cannot wait for his new album to release.


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